About Glenn Morrison
Glenn Morrison is running for Office of Constable in the Maricopa/Stanfield Justice Court Precinct #4.
Graduate of the 2017 City of Maricopa Citizens Leadership Academy
Member In Good Standing
  - AZCOPS / Pinal County Deputies Association

Endorsed By
 - Professional Fire Fighters of Maricopa Local 4561 | READ LETTER
Native Arizonan
Morrison is an Arizona native, born and raised in Tucson. He has been a proud resident and homeowner in Maricopa since 2009.

Sheriff's Office Experience
In 2011, Morrison joined the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Posse. Since graduating from the Academy, he has been serving the citizens of Pinal County in a Patrol Support role responding to every type of call for service the Sheriff’s office receives. Morrison holds the rank of Lieutenant with the Posse.
Public Safety is a Passion
Since 2010 he has been active with the non-profit AZ Precision Motorcycle Drill Team, whose mission is to promote motorcycle safety and safe motorcycling.
Lifetime NRA Member
Glenn Morrison is not only an avid supporter of gun rights, he is a lifetime NRA member and proponent of expanding gun rights across the nation. He believes that the 2nd Amendment is our national permit to carry a firearm from sea to shining sea.
Glenn believes that the unborn should have full civil rights and should be entitled to the same protections afforded in the Constitution pertaining to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
Firearms Instructor
Glenn is the Posse’s Lead Firearms/Taser Instructor. In this position, he leads a specialized team of 8 Instructors and Safety Officers. He has been an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor since 1998. Glenn has been a Law Enforcement Certified Firearms Instructor since 2012.
Proponent of Concealed Carry
Morrison has been an Arizona CCW Instructor since 1999, having taught several hundred CCW students and entry level through advanced shooters.
Successful Small Business Owner
Morrison’s business background includes extensive experience in Training, Technology, Management and Real Estate.